Sales Collateral Production Service

Localization and Production of Original Sales Tools for Japan

You have an expansive collection of English language materials used mainly online to nurture leads. You cannot afford to reproduce everything in Japanese, nor would it be appropriate to do so. You also want to localize as much sales literature as possible, but there are budget issues there as well.

Jamas can definitely help. We can help you to identify the high priority sales collateral for localization and handle the localization itself. And we are inventive, enabling you to achieve more with the same budget. We can support the following tactical collateral pieces from production to delivery.

  • Email newsletters
  • Online videos
  • Social media articles
  • Product catalogs
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Article reprints
  • e-books
  • Original calendars
  • Novelties, etc.

Please contact us to discuss your sales collateral requirements in Japan.