Customer Event Management Service

Facilitating Personal Communication with Customers in Japan

After participating successfully in a trade show, you will most probably be looking to follow up with customer event activity. However, to the extent that customer events are very close up and personal, with sales persons able to communicate one-to-one with customers for an extended period of time, they are also fraught with risk-- Risk that customers will not attend, risk that your message will not be understood, risk that logistics will not go as planned.

Jamas takes the risk out of customer events with our event management service. If you already have a customer event program in your home market, Jamas can help you to extend this into Japan. We can also design a unique customer event program for you to fit local conditions, ensuring growing interest in your product or service and a steady steam of customer leads.

Our service menu is as follows:

  • Creation of event proposal
  • Development of event plan
  • Venue selection
  • Promotion plan
  • Customer invitations
  • Logistics (refreshments, interpreters if necessary)
  • Arranging customer gifts
  • Reporting

Please contact us to discuss your customer event requirements in Japan.