B2B Marketing Research Service

Providing Marketing Insight and Information Impacting Your Business in Japan

Jamas can assist you with your market intelligence requirements, whether it be as background information for strategy development, preparation for a new product launch, or just keeping up with market developments. If the information you desire is not available through desk research or existing third party reports, we can design and implement qualitative research tailored to your budgetary and quality requirements.

Jamas is experienced in the following types of B2B market research:

  • Demand forecasts
  • Customer requirements
  • Competitor analysis
  • Distribution channel surveys

Please contact us to discuss your marketing research requirements in Japan.

News Clipping Service

These days a lot of Japanese business news is also distributed via English language media. However, far less industrial news is provided in English. Even when it is, there may be a significant delay between the initial announcement and availability in English. This is true of both third party industrial/technical news media and corporate press releases, which are often only released in English when that product is about to be launched overseas.

Jamas' news clipping service gives you timely access to market and competitor information which may affect your business in Japan and eventually even your home market. Your report can be tailored as follows:

  • Type (news, press releases, credit information)
  • Focus (industry, company)
  • Frequency (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Level of detail (detailed, summary)

Much of the information provided is subject to copyright, so it is strictly for internal use (planning, presentations, reports, etc.) only.