Branding for B2B Businesses

Managing Your Brand in Japan

Many well-known overseas B2B brands have attempted to establish positions in Japan, but have found the going tough. Branding in non-English markets can be a humbling experience as you find the tactics employed in your home market do not have the same impact overseas. Branding activity is complex because outcomes are dependent upon the actions of competitors and how they position their brands as well. A local presence or partner who understands the competition and can position your brand correctly in the local market is a prerequisite for success.

Successful branding in overseas markets requires correct target identification, positioning adjustments to maximize message reception, and organizational commitment toward a desired outcome. Jamas can help you build your brand in Japan. With almost 25 years of B2B marketing experience in a number of Japanese industrial, technology, and service markets, we can develop a branding program that will deliver the outcomes you require and put smiles on the faces of your local sales team.

Jamas commences with benchmarking of your brand to understand where it is positioned in the local market. We then develop a strategy to build your brand, drawing on the collateral you have available in English. Finally, we implement and manage the branding program and review activity progress at regular intervals, incorporating changes as necessary. This simple but effective formula will yield real and measurable returns for your business.

Our branding solution consists of the following:

  • Brand surveys (ad hoc and localization of voice of customer surveys)
  • Brand localization (taglines, messaging, press releases, and advertising)
  • Brand communication management (ensuring events adhere to branding guidelines with the necessary look and feel)
  • Social media management (ensuring localized materials contain the brand message)

Please contact us to discuss your branding concerns in Japan.