B2B Website Management Service

Improving the Quality, Performance and Contribution of Your Japanese Web Pages

A strong web presence is a prerequisite for any multinational company wishing to build its B2B business in Japan. This means your website should at least match the quality of competitor websites, whether they be Japanese or other multinational companies. Web pages in Japan need to be in Japanese, with the text being natural and the message just as appealing as the original English.

Service Description

Our B2B Website Management Service is a menu of activity designed to improve the quality, performance, and contribution of your Japanese web pages. It provides the following support for B2B businesses in Japan.

  • Localization of website

    For most multinational B2B companies, developing a Japanese website involves selecting the content most relevant for the business in Japan and then forming a plan to localize the required web pages in phases. Graphic design expertise is required to select the appropriate fonts for Japanese language and localize images with a strong regional flavor. Additional copy writing is sometimes required to generate stronger appeals toward Japanese audiences.

  • Maintenance of website

    Maintenance involves implementing changes to existing content and uploading website assets such as PDF catalogs and videos. Requests for changes are performed within 24 hours of receipt. We work with enterprise versions of all the major content management systems such as Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

  • Addition of new content

    The addition of new content on a regular basis improves user experience and position in search engine results. Our B2B Website Management Service helps you to plan and create a pipeline of new materials for use on your Japanese website to build website traffic.

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

    Appearing on the first page of search results for a B2B product or service will boost traffic to your Japanese website and increase inquiries. Our B2B Website Management Service enables you to improve your position in keyword searches and eliminates on-page errors which affect user experience and search engine evaluations of your Japanese website.

  • Analytics and reporting

    We customize Google Analytics reports to enable you to monitor the same KPI as you do for other countries. Regular monthly meetings for reporting and planning of activity can be conducted remotely or at your Japanese headquarters.

Service Specification

Here is the scope of our B2B Website Management Service.

LocalizationProject designDetermine pages required and project phases
TextNatural translation of text and meta descriptions
FontsSetting Japanese font sets
GraphicsAny changes required to graphics to appeal to Japanese users
Copy writingLocalization of taglines and important copy to appeal to Japanese users
MaintenanceContent updatesChanges to existing content
Correction supportCorrections implemented within 24 hours of email request
Collateral uploadsUpload of website assets such as PDF catalogs and videos
New ContentPlanningMaintaining an editorial pipeline of new materials and implementation plan to build website traffic
New pagesTranslation of press releases, new product releases, technical papers, white papers, newsletters, etc.
Landing pagesBuilding pages for downloading technical papers, white papers, etc.
FormsSetting forms for downloading materials or contacts for new products
SEOKeyword researchIdentification of suitable keywords in Japanese
Keyword managementMonitoring of site performance for up to 5 keywords
Site crawlsMonitoring and correction of crawl errors
AnalyticsMonthly reportCustomization of Google Analytics standard report
ConversionSetting conversion in Google Analytics to count inquiries, downloads, etc.
KPI managementMonitoring of Key Performance Indicators
& Planning
Monthly reportPowerPoint (previous month activity, sites issues, competitor activity)
Remote meetingMonthly meeting over Skype (sharing information, planning next month)
In-person meetingMonthly meeting at Customer's location (sharing information, planning next month)

Who Should Use This Service?

Our B2B Website Management Service is designed to address the requirements of companies that are not yet ready to employ a full-time marketing manager in Japan or would like expert assistance with specific website initiatives. With our B2B Website Management Service, your Japanese website is managed by B2B marketing professionals with extensive experience in a number of industrial and technology markets in Japan.

This service is ideal for companies with the following types of website issues in Japan:

  • Japanese website is out of date or not functioning correctly
  • No Japanese staff available to support digital marketing initiatives
  • Support required in Japan for global contents management system (CMS)

We can propose a menu of activity to improve the quality, performance, and contribution of your Japanese website. Please contact us to discuss your B2B website requirements in Japan.

How to Access This Service

Here is the flow from your initial inquiry to the commencement of our B2B Website Management Service.

  • Inquiry from you
  • Meeting (briefing from you)
  • Improvement proposal from Jamas
  • Refined proposal from Jamas (based on your feedback)
  • Quotation from Jamas
  • One-month trial service (if you are not completely satisfied, you are free to cancel our service)
  • Website management service contract (minimum contract period is 6 months)

Reach Out to a B2B Marketing Professional in Japan

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Tell-tale signs of B2B websites without access to marketing expertise

It is difficult to develop a strong web presence in Japan without localization and marketing expertise. Sites like this generally have quality issues such as:

  • Use of incorrect fonts (therefore difficult to read)
  • Pages which are partially translated (website manager is not able to change the English text and cannot build a case to convince the global web master to do so)
  • Do not target the correct keywords in Japanese (in-house terminology is used but often differs from keywords used by potential customers)

B2B websites managed by persons without a marketing background typically:

  • Are viewed by the local organization as no more than a catalog repository
  • Are not updated regularly
  • Do not produce a significant amount of inquiries

It is difficult to turn a website around without input from a local marketing expert because marketing feedback is required to determine which global initiatives would be most effective in Japan.