B2B Sales Promotions

Innovative Marketing Campaigns to Drive Your Business in Japan

A successful sales promotion needs to be well targeted, have a strong offer, and be presented in compelling terms. Hence, sales promotions are one of the most difficult marketing activities to perform successfully, which makes them a real challenge when you are dealing in a foreign language.

Jamas can provide full support for all your campaign activity. First, you need to know whether your campaign will transfer meaningfully into the Japanese market. When you are comfortable that it will, then Jamas will localize and scale the campaign to fit the Japanese market. Our campaign management service is as follows:

  • Initial consultation (free of charge)
  • List development and maintenance
  • Targeted mail creation and delivery
  • Digital advertising and landing page creation
  • Analytics and reporting

We can work both inside and outside of your CRM. In the latter case, we will provide formatted data to enable you to update your CRM to reflect the results of your campaign. Please contact us to discuss your promotional requirements in Japan.