B2B Public Relations Service

Building Recognition for Your Business in Japan

Good media coverage can provide an invaluable boost to your business in Japan. However, localization of your media materials is essential. You also need to know who to contact at your target media. Finding a PR agent able to understand highly complex products is another challenge. Also, like many multinational industrial and technology companies operating in Japan, you may not need the level of service offered by specialist PR agencies.

Jamas works with you and your local sales team to powerfully present your products to the specialist Japanese media. One briefing is usually enough for us to grasp what you want to communicate and this is even more so, if we are working with you already in other areas besides PR. Our service is as follows:

  • Developing and managing public relations pipeline
  • Translation and distribution of corporate press releases
  • Localization and distribution of product press releases
  • Clipping coverage with summary or full translation
  • Reporting

Please contact us to discuss your PR requirements in Japan.